Direct Private Capital Group, Inc.

Extensive Training Program 

Get ready for an exhilarating learning experience! Our program kicks off with an immersive five-day training session that will leave you feeling pumped and ready to take on the world. We believe in personalized attention, which is why we keep our training groups small. This ensures that you’ll have direct access to your instructor and plenty of opportunities to have all your burning questions answered. 

Our training is designed to equip you with a systematic approach to marketing your business, packaging loans, and closing deals. You’ll dive deep into each topic, following step-by-step instructions and examining real-world examples. But here’s the best part: you’ll also get to participate in practice sessions where you’ll engage in live role-playing. This hands-on experience allows you to fine-tune your pitch and receive immediate feedback, so you can perfect your skills before facing real-life situations. Get ready to unleash your potential and thrive!

Unveiling the World of Lending Sources:

To thrive as a loan broker, it is essential to understand and cater to the unique requirements of each client by connecting them with lenders who specialize in their specific industry or business model. This necessitates fostering strong relationships with a diverse range of direct private lenders.

Our comprehensive program addresses this requirement entirely. We firmly believe in offering your clients a wide array of options, which is why we have established a direct private lender network exclusively for you. Through our innovative 10 X 10 program, we ensure that you are connected with a minimum of TEN partner lenders for each prevalent loan category and type. This guarantees that you can provide a multitude of competitive proposals to 99% of your loan applicants.

In this industry, trust is of utmost importance. Therefore, we also prioritize the development of personal relationships between you and your lenders. We facilitate face-to-face meetings, handshakes, and open communication to address all your queries. By fostering these connections, you are well-positioned for success in this field.

complete professional custom branding: 

At our company, we truly believe that having exceptional training is not enough to launch a successful business. That’s why we are thrilled to offer you a comprehensive program that goes beyond training and focuses on building a strong and distinctive brand.

Our program includes a complete custom design package for your logo, business cards, and website. We are genuinely excited to work with you every step of the way. We start by gathering your input, including your preferred layouts, examples of sites and logos you admire, color preferences, and more. Based on your valuable input, our talented team creates unique designs from scratch. We then collaborate with you during a period of unlimited design revisions, ensuring that your new brand is absolutely perfect and exactly what you envision.

Once everything is finalized and you are completely satisfied, we provide you with all of your digital files. Additionally, we take care of coding your website, printing your business cards, and officially launching your new company face. We can’t wait to witness your brand soar to new heights!


Extensive Automated Marketing:

Marketing is a thrilling journey of forming deeper connections with an ever-expanding network of businesses that require your services. It’s not a one-time deal, but a continuous process that keeps growing. In fact, the most effective marketing strategies aim at expanding your list of connections month after month.

Our program is designed to support you at every step of this exciting journey. We begin by providing you with captivating PowerPoints and pitch decks for your meetings, all customized with your logo and colors to reinforce your brand identity.

However, the real magic lies in our ongoing marketing support. Twice a month, we take charge of posting engaging articles on your personal website, ensuring a constant flow of fresh content that positions you as a thought leader in your industry, impressing potential clients.

Furthermore, we create a personalized customer relationship management system (CRM) tailored specifically to your needs as a broker. We handle the setup and provide comprehensive training, guiding your leads through each stage of your sales funnel.

Through this system, we offer you the power of marketing automation. Whenever you add new contacts, they automatically receive a series of professionally written emails that build trust and educate them about your offerings. Additionally, we send out two newsletters each month to all your contacts, packed with valuable updates and articles.