About Commercial Real Estate Loans

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Understanding Commercial Loans:

The two main types of Commercial Loans: Business Term Loans and Lines of Credit

Commercial Term Loans

1. Lump sum capital provided by the lender

2. Repayment over a specific period of time

3. Inclusion of interest. 

Commercial Lines of Credit

1. Access to a predetermined amount of funds

2. Ability to draw and use funds as needed

3. Interest payment only on the amount utilized

4. Resetting of credit line after repayment

Loan Amounts:

1. Factors influencing loan amounts

2. Range of loan amounts offered by lenders

Repayment Terms:

1. Different timeframes for repayment

2. Considerations for choosing the right repayment term

Interest Rates:

1. Factors affecting interest rates

2. Understanding fixed and variable interest rates


1. Overview of common eligibility criteria

2. Tips for improving qualification chances

Types of commercial loans are meant for specific purposes, such as:


    • Equipment Financing

    • Commercial Real Estate Loans

    • Commercial Auto Loans

    • Commercial Construction Loans

    • Commercial Bridge Loans

    • Commercial Hard Money Loans

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